Activate Your Faith

Activate Your Faith is a roadmap for anyone who desires
to see God’s results in their lives.

“Activate Your Faith can change your life.” - Jerry Bridges, author of Pursuit of God

Russ Johnston has written this book because he has seen God work powerfully in his life and in the lives of thousands of other people and he wants you to experience God working in your life as well. Faith is the means that God uses and Russ wants you to understand how.

Here are some key things YOU can get from Activate Your Faith:

  • See the Bible come alive in your daily routine.
  • Believe God for the BIG dreams he has given you.
  • Enjoy seeing others grow in faith.
  • Learn how to develop your potential by faith.
  • Live in peace during troubled times.
  • Knowing the will of God for every situation.

In a breezy, engaging style Russ offers powerful concepts and practical advice that gives you direct access to God’s inexhaustible resources. Most of us know what we want out of life but only a handful believes they have the resources or power to achieve their dreams. Whether your needs are physical, marital, financial, work or child-related, etc., your faith is the conduit through which God’s resources are available to you.

Want to be convinced? Download chapter 10 from the book right now. [Include link] Read the short chapter and do the assignment. It’s that easy. God is waiting for you to lean on him.

What People Are Saying about Activate Your Faith

“The Lord has given Russ expereince and a keen insight that enables him to relate and covey God’s truth on a down to earth basis.” – James Irwin, Astronaut

“This is a great book of inspiration and encouragement full of practical stories of down to earth Biblical faith that Inspire and challenge us to grow and walk by faith. As Bill Bright said, ”Faith is like a muscle, it grows with exercise." – Jim Green, Executive Director of the ‘Jesus’ Film.

“Activate Your Faith” by Russ Johnston inspires and motivates in an easy reading style of 44 short chapters rooted in life experiences. Best of all, the book lays out a clear plan of action to go do what the book title promises, to truly activate your faith to discover and experience the unlimited magnitude of God’s promises and provision." – Loren Kruse, Editor-in-Chief, Successful Farming magazine.


Activate Your Faith